ABA Switzerland (English)

ABA Switzerland (English) · 09. April 2020
The webinar is rescheduled to a later date.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 10. January 2020
Dear Members and Friends of ABA Switzerland, The surprise announcement by the BACB to no longer provide international certification after 1st January 2023 has raised a lot of questions for practitioners all over the world and will directly affect practitioners in Switzerland. On Tuesday the board of ABA Switzerland held a meeting to discuss the implications of this decision for Switzerland as well as potential opportunities this might present. We would like to invite you all to join the...
ABA Switzerland (English) · 28. November 2019
ABA Switzerland presents : Training Behaviour Analysts Around the Word: Cultural and Global Challenges. This webinar will discuss the evolution and development of behaviour analysis training programs around the world.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 28. November 2019
Dr. Bridget Taylor, CEO of the Alpine Learning Group, New Jersey and well-established researcher and speaker in the field of Behavior Analysis presented a webinar on Observational Learning in children with autism.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 27. November 2019
ABA Switzerland presents ABA in the treatment of sexual disorders with Shane Spiker. Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear about the application of ABA in the treatment of sexual disorders.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 05. October 2019
On Monday 23rd of September, 17 members and friends of ABA Switzerland attended an online webinar. Jacob Sadavoy, director of clinical services at the Global Autism Project and vice president of the ABAI special interest group on Ethics presented on the topic of escape extinction.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 03. October 2019
From the 29th till 30th September our president and vice president of ABA Switzerland attended the 10th International ABA conference in Sweden. Read more about their experience here.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 21. August 2019
We will be voting on changes to our bylaws. Read the proposal here.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 18. May 2019
Our very own Silja Wirth reports on her trip to China with Global Autism Project. Read about her insights and her time she spent at Huicong Children Rehabilitation Training Centre in Nanchang.

ABA Switzerland (English) · 12. May 2019
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