Organisational behaviour management (OBM)

“Organisational behaviour management (OBM) is the application of behavioural principles to individuals and groups in business, industry, government, and human service settings. OBM has its roots in the field of applied behaviour analysis (ABA)” (Wilder et al., 2009) 


In general, OBM works on the identification, analysis, and modification of environmental events that directly impact performance in the workplace.


The Journal of Organizational Behaviour Management (JOBM), dedicated to the field of OBM has been active since 1977. The field of OBM has several graduate programs established in numerous universities. OBM professionals work in all types of businesses or human services (e.g. textile companies, car firms, hospital settings etc.).


OBM can also be used in centre-based autism treatment programs to improve staff performance (Ditizan et al., 2015).


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